Manga: (Orange Diary)

Orange Diary Cover

  • Original:
  • Author: Kogetsu
  • Tags: Romance, Slice of Life, College Life

True-to-life depictions of the patterns and fashions of the romances of young women, from the popular illustrator Kogetsu—their first serialized work.♡



  • Episode 1-1: “This Feeling Is…??”
  • Episode 1-2: “Pleasure and Anxiety Go Hand in Hand”
  • Episode 1-3: “I Want to Ask…But I Can’t”
  • Episode 1-4: “Tactics Are Not My Forte”
  • Episode 1-5: “The Two Who Misinterpreted Each Other, Convey Their Feelings!”
  • Episode 2-1: “Spending Time at Home With Delicious Coffee”
  • Episode 2-2: “I Have a Hunch That We’ll Get Close, Fast”
  • Episode 2-3: “Why Am I In Such High Spirits?”
  • Episode 2-4: “An Invitation from Kazuya”
  • Episode 2-5: “To Each Their Own Troubles”
  • Episode 2-6: “Holding Down Growing Feelings”
  • Episode 2-7: “Moving On From Just Giving Excuses”