Manga: 三年差 (Three Years Apart)

Three Years Apart Volume 1 Three Years Apart Volume 2 Three Years Apart Volume 2

Summary (volume 1 description):
I hate that we’re three years apart.
Mizuki and Kazuya are childhood friends three years apart in age. Although it’s not really a so-called “age-difference”, in the youth they share, they’re a little separated. This is a diary about the two of them, three years apart, from their childhood bound together until the present day. This volume compiles more than 60 pages of previously unseen episodes about their student days, drawn specially for this volume!


Summary (volume 2 description):
Three years apart isn’t so bad.
Childhood friends, Mizuki and Kazuya, are three years apart. Though they sometimes feel the difference in age, every day is brimming with happpiness. While reminiscing about their memories, now they stitch them together into a diary of an intimate couple.

幼なじみの瑞希と和哉は三年差。 年の差を感じることもたまにあるけど、毎日が幸せであふれている。 思い出を回想しながら現代を綴る仲睦まじい夫婦のダイアリー。

Summary (volume 3 description):
There’s happiness in being three years apart, too.
Childhood friends, Mizuki and Kazuya, are three years apart. Though they’re aware of the difference in age, it’s also an irreplaceable time for them. While reminiscing about their newlywed life, they stitch a precious diary of their everyday life.



Volume 1

  • Chapter 1: “Three Years Apart”
  • Chapter 1.1: Omake (original on Twitter)
  • Chapter 2: “Loud and Clear”
  • Chapter 3: “June Anniversary”
  • Chapter 4: “The Reason for June”
  • Chapter 5: “Lost Child in the Aquarium”
  • Chapter 6: “A Summer Day”
  • Chapter 7: “So Now I Can Say It”
  • Chapter 8: “The Day She Caught A Cold”
  • Chapter 9: “The Fireworks On That Day”
  • Chapter 10: “There Are Days I Want To Be Useless, Too”
  • Chapter 11: “Goodbye Kiss”
  • Chapter 12: “Piggyback Ride Privileges”
  • Chapter 13: “Tsuchiya-san and Hinata-kun”
  • Chapter 13.5: “Tsuchiya-san and Hinata-kun (Unserialized Chapter)”
  • Chapter 14: “When My Wife Turned Into a High School Girl”
  • Chapter 15: “What Shall We Have For Dinner?”
  • Chapter 16: “Let’s Build A Snowman”
  • Chapter 17: “The Day of the Big Snowstorm”
  • Chapter 18: “Sweet Temptation”
  • Chapter 19: “Fifth-Year Chick”
  • Chapter 20: “Opposite Play”
  • Chapter 21: “The Trouble On That Day”
  • Chapter 22: “The Long-Awaited Date”
  • Chapter 23: “Izakaya Meeting”
  • Chapter 24: “When I Think I Fell In Love With This Person” (title TBD)
  • Chapter 25: “May Visitor”
  • Omake “Memories and the Present” + Extras

Volume 2

  • Chapter 26: “I’m Back / Welcome Home”
  • Chapter 27: “Look-At-Me Beam”
  • Chapter 28: “Bell Pepper Tactics”
  • Chapter 29: “My Husband’s Subordinate / My Manager’s Wife”
  • Chapter 30: “It’s Embarrassing in Public”
  • Chapter 31: “Body Fat Will Sneak Up On You”
  • Chapter 32: “Flip Phone Secret”
  • Chapter 33: “The Unsent Text”
  • Chapter 34: “Three Years Apart Isn’t So Bad”
  • Chapter 35: “Sixteen”
  • Chapter 36: “It’s Not a Date”
  • Chapter 37: “The Straitlaced Senpai and the Clueless Kouhai”
  • Chapter 38: “Rainy Day”
  • Chapter 39: “Things We Can’t Do When Mama Is Here”
  • Chapter 40: “Girls’ Return”
  • Chapter 41: “In The Park With My Dear Teacher”
  • Chapter 42: “Ulterior Motives”
  • Chapter 43: “Time For a Pit Stop”
  • Chapter 44: “The Melancholy of Kouhai-kun”
  • Chapter 45: “I’m in Trouble, My Wife Is Being a Bother”
  • Chapter 46: “The Meddlesome Santas”
  • Chapter 47: “So Far Yet So Close”
  • Chapter 48: “A Treasure in the Snow”
  • Chapter 49: “Under the June Sky”

Volume 3

  • Chapter 50: “The Night Before”
  • Chapter 51: “Our Home We Return To”
  • Chapter 52: “In Sickness and in Health”
  • Chapter 53: “The Fireworks Together”
  • Chapter 54: “Like I Could Say Such an Embarrassing Line!”
  • Chapter 55: “The Morning on a Day Off”
  • Chapter 56: “Nostalgic Game”
  • Chapter 57: “The Dinner We Made Together”
  • Chapter 58: “Goodbye, Flip Phone”
  • Chapter 59: “The Boy From That Day”
  • Chapter 60: “It’s Just, I Don’t Know What To Do”
  • Chapter 61: “A Conversation at Home”
  • Chapter 62: “My Heart’s Not Pounding Or Anything”
  • Chapter 63: “Sometimes, He’s Just Like a Puppy”
  • Chapter 64: “Trained by His Kitty Cat”
  • Chapter 65: “Bad at Dealing With My Kouhai”
  • Chapter 66: “Miyu-chan and I”
  • Chapter 67: “Don’t Step on The Lava”
  • Chapter 68: “Sitting in The Third Row”
  • Chapter 69: “I Can’t Take This”
  • Chapter 70: “Acting Pitiful”
  • Chapter 71: “Borrowing a Princess”
  • Chapter 72: “After Being Princess Carried”
  • Chapter 73: “My Wife Is So Cute”
  • Chapter 74: “Three Years Apart, Once Again”


Thank you very much for reading.

I’ve illustrated here irreplaceable everyday life and extraordinary moments centered around Mizuki and Kazuya, the childhood friends who are now a couple. Although it’s not really about an “age gap”, it is about a theme of the three years that delicately separated them in the youth they shared.

This tankobon is the last volume, but I think it would be nice if I had the chance to see them again.

First of all I must thank Watanabe-sama who was in charge of this work, KOMEWORKS’s designer Kionachi-sama, the editor at Gangan Pixiv (TN: the magazine this was originally published in), and the printing office, for all of the help I have received. And I must thank all of my readers on Twitter and elsewhere who always supported me, and of course, you, the reader who holds this work in their hands. From the bottom of my heart, I give you all my thanks.