Manga Collection: 初恋 (Hatsukoi)

Hatsukoi Cover

A collection of oneshots.


  • Chapter 1: “To the End of Days” (終天 Shuuten)

    Takenao visits his childhood friend and cousin in the countryside for the first time in five years, stirring up some repressed memories.

  • Chapter 2: “Nirvana” (彼岸 Higan)

    Teenage girl Rise has had enough of being ostracized at school and frustrated by her oblivious parents, when the ghost of her mother’s middle school boyfriend shows up and starts criticizing her too.

  • Chapter 3: “Fuurinkazan”

    He’s always been sickly, so he seeks out strong women.

  • Chapter 4: “Unbalance”

    While his coworkers consider Michiake-senpai cold and harsh, Koishikawa-san admires his short senpai who shows him kindness and patience.

  • Chapter 5: “missing”

    A mountain trek is a chance for Hina to reflect on being abandoned by her mother as a child.

  • Chapter 6: “Lotus Flower after”

    An afterstory to the twoshot published in Yawahada.

  • Chapter 7: “The First Love” (初恋 Hatsukoi)

    Tamagawa is caught smelling his crush’s towel by her sister, and is forced to go out with her.

  • Chapter 8: “Banked Fire” (埋み火 Uzumibi)

    Hiroka-chan, now an up-and-coming potter, returns to Yoshiyuki’s hometown. But reuniting with his former girlfriend stirs up conflicting feelings in him…