Manga: 十人十色なこころの家 (Everyone Has Their Home for the Heart)

Everyone Has Their Home for the Heart Cover

The patterns of love and the human nature of women, drawn by Yurika, an illustrator popular for her depictions of emotion—this is her serialization Everyone Has Their Home for the Heart ♡.



  • Volume 1: “Toshishita-kun and Senpai-chan”
    • Chapter 1: “It Might Be a Cold, Or It Might Be Love, for Senpai-chan”
    • Chapter 2: “It’s the First Home Visit, But It’s the Worst…!?”
    • Chapter 3: “Senpai Is Dreaming…??”
    • Chapter 4: “Kikuchi-kun’s Affirmation and Senpai’s Conviction”
    • Chapter 5: “The Words I Wanted to Hear and the Feelings I Wanted to Say”
  • Volume 2: “Positive x Negative Neighbors”
    • Chapter 1: “My Neighbor Is The Exact Opposite of Me!?”
    • Chapter 2: “After the Rain, Let’s Get Into Things at Haru’s Pace”
    • Chapter 3: “A Lovely Day With My Neighbor”
    • Chapter 4: “Aoi’s Day-by-Day Mission”
    • Chapter 5: “Haru’s Message”
    • Chapter 6: TBD
    • Chapter 7: TBD
    • Chapter 8: TBD
    • Chapter 9: TBD
  • Volume 3: “”