Manga: 歳下の先輩ちゃん2 (Toshishita no Senpai-chan 2)

Toshishita no Senpai-chan 2 Cover

SAKAGAMI Ryoutarou, an ordinary college student, met his younger senpai, YAMASHITA Kaori, at the home center they work part-time at. Despite worrying about his strange relationship with her, their relationship develops at its own pace…And at last, the two of them are…
The story of the two who can’t be honest to each other, concludes here.


  • Chapter 1: “Always As Usual”
  • Chapter 2: “Not Exactly Fuzziness”
  • Chapter 3: “It’s Raining…?”
  • Chapter 3.5: “Summer Comes…!”
  • Chapter 4: “That Kind of Hunch”
  • Chapter 5: “The Name of Those Feelings”
  • Chapter 6: “After That Point”
  • Chapter 7: “No Matter When”
  • Chapter 8: “The Best Answer”
  • Chapter 9: “At Last, But”
  • Chapter 9.1: “Kiss Kiss Kiss Ki-”
  • Chapter 9.2: “Let’s Get Used to Calling Each Other by Name”
  • Chapter 9.3: “Let’s Hold Hands”