Manga Collection: 背伸びして情情熱 (Senobishite Jounetsu)

Senobishite Jounetsu Cover

  • Original: Out-of-print/no digital edition
  • Author: SENGOKU Hiroko

A collection of oneshots.


  • Chapter 1: 「背伸びして情熱」第1話
  • Chapter 2: 「背伸びして情熱」第2話
  • Chapter 3: 「背伸びして情熱」第3話
  • Chapter 4: 「背伸びして情熱」第4話
  • Chapter 5: 「桜姫」Cherry Blossom Princess (Sakurahime)

    A childless couple is entrusted with the princess of the sakura.

  • Chapter 6: 「お酒さん」Mr. Alcohol (Osake-san)

    A salaryman is told by his wife to give up drinking, but it’s quite hard turning down a sobbing sake bottle.

  • Chapter 7: 「正月早々」In the Early Days of the New Year (Shougatsu Sousou)

    Oni in…fortune out? An oni comes to hang out with a shrine maiden in the dawn of a new year.

  • Chapter 8: 「お嫁に行っても」Even When You Get Married (Oyome ni Ittemo)

    Two school friends talk about the future shortly before graduation.

  • Chapter 9: 「雨と猫」Rain and Cats (Ame to Neko)

    Two boys look at some abandoned kittens in the rain.

  • Chapter 10: 「夫婦かき氷」His and Hers Shaved Ice (Fuufu Kakigoori)

    A widow is visited by her husband’s spirit on Obon so they can continue their tradition of having shaved ice together.

  • Chapter 11: 「十五夜に、お風呂」
  • Chapter 12: 「赤くない糸」第1話
  • Chapter 13: 「赤くない糸」第2話
  • Chapter 14: 「赤くない糸」第3話
  • Chapter 15: 「赤くない糸」第4話
  • Chapter 16: 「赤くない糸」第5話
  • Chapter 17: 「赤くない糸」第6話
  • Chapter 18: 「赤くない糸」第7話