Sheet Music: “Split” from Honey and Clover

by Rakka   Tags: sheet-music anime honey-and-clover

I transcribed this quite a while ago, time to put it up.


I’m not super sure about the bass line. I also haven’t marked tempo, really—give the original song a listen.

Honey and Clover is an incredibly special show to me: it’s about finding your calling in life, while also enjoying your day-to-day life as best you can. If you have even a shred of college nostalgia, give Honey and Clover a chance.

Spoilers below.

The characters, all students in an art college, worry about finding jobs, about romance, about finishing that assignment due tomorrow, all mundane things—but it’s their life. Slowly, one by one, each of them finds the thing that they want to do, and they focus on accomplishing that, even if it means moving away from the love of their life. Because ultimately, no matter how tempting it is to forget your worries and your stress, it’s more satisfactory to do the thing you were made to do, whether it’s to become a great painter or to repair shrines.