Lyrics: 《下坠》(“Falling”) by Corki (English Translation)

by Rakka   Tags: lyrics chinese-pop

下坠 (“Falling”) Music video: YouTube Artist: Corki

Translator’s note: These lyrics are really rough…but hopefully it gets the idea across. Personally, I like verses 3 and 4 the most.

There are quite a few covers of this song, with slightly differing lyrics. Priscilla Abby has an EDM one, K.D. takes it more slowly and overlays it on top of a different tune, and 阿泱 skips the rap altogether.

Verse 1 当我拿起笔写下第一句之后 Right after I lift my pen and write the first sentence 看到了尽头 I see the end 你走后我无尽下坠持续拼凑 After you left I endlessly fell, I kept piecing back together 曾说的绿洲 The oasis we once talked about

Verse 2 封印思念魔咒 The Seal of the Curse of Longing, 过往我保留 In the past I kept. 也没期待过 And I didn’t anticpate that 为你放下身段祈求 For your sake, I’d lay myself down and beg 被现实压破头 Reality crushes my head

Verse 3 喝醉后的梦里 In my dreams after getting drunk 我往前你退后 I look forward, you retreat back 虚无的存在感 That feeling of the emptiness of existence You know You know 抛下我放弃我 Throw me down, give up on me 瞬间风起云涌 Suddenly surge like a gathering storm (idiom) 描绘的未来没了以后 After the future we described is gone 我只期待你用天使般的手 I only look forward to your angelic hand 在紧紧抱住我 Tightly hugging me 对你卑微也只是一种习惯 Facing your pettiness was also a kind of habit 在天亮了以后 我无尽下坠 And after daybreak / I endlessly fall

Rap Section 曾经爱过你怨过你恨过你 Once I loved you, blamed you, hated you 尝试放弃你谁都想做自己 Try to give up on you, anyone would want to be by themselves 包容你一切不只是为了你 Forgiving you wasn’t for your sake 收起脾气也为了心中自己 Putting away my temper was also for my own sake 放下一切束缚以为做得到 Putting down these chains, I thought I had managed to 扒开旧的伤口腐烂我苦笑 Opening old rotting wounds, I cry and laugh 破碎一地的我组建在重造 Breaking the earth, I start to rebuild 如果再相遇 会给你微笑 If we meet again, I’ll smile for you I’m losing my time 你别太意外 I’m losing my time Don’t be so surprised 像个小孩天真的对你青睐 Like a naive child I gaze at you I’m losing my time 你别太意外 I’m losing my time Don’t be so surprised 像个小孩天真的对你青睐 Like a naive child I gaze at you

Verse 4 当路灯断了电 When the street lights lose power 我被抽离到过去 I’m brought back into the past 想从头在和你 I want to be with you again from the start 但我左右在迟疑 But all around I hesitate 当世界倾斜我拉你回到故事里 When the world begins to tilt, I pull you back into the story 可结局没能把你拥入我的怀里 But in the ending I couldn’t hold you in my embrace

(Verse 2 repeats)

(Verse 3 repeats)

(Verse 3 repeats)