NYC Chinatown Status

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Today I visited Manhattan Chinatown to see how the neighborhood was faring.

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Overall, Manhattan Chinatown seems to have done alright. Streets were fairly busy, though not as much as usual. Many restaurants and stores were still open and offering takeout. Social distancing wasn’t being followed so well, but nearly everyone was (properly!) wearing a mask, more than you could say about wealthier neighborhoods. And of course, many of the street vendors had pivoted from selling cheap T-shirts and umbrellas to selling boxes of masks.

Still Open:

  • Ajisen Ramen
  • Fay Da Bakery
  • Friendship BBQ
  • FunNY BBQ
  • Great NY Noodletown
  • Keki
  • Kong Kee Food Corp
  • Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
  • Mango Mango
  • Nyonya
  • Sweet House
  • Taipan Bakery
  • Taiwan Pork Chop House
  • Yifang Tea
  • and the fruit vendors!

Unclear: these stores weren’t open when we walked past, but there was also no indication they had permanently closed. I’m still hopeful about them, particularly Shanghai Dumpling and Yiwanmen.

  • Aji Ichiban
  • MilkCow
  • Shanghai Dumpling
  • Tasty Hand Pulled Noodle
  • Yiwanmen


  • Aux Epices. I’m a little sad about this one, as they seemed to have a nice menu, but I never got to try most of it.
  • The corner grocery by the Grand Street D train exit had a “For Rent” sign up, though they were still selling groceries.
  • Hoy Wang:

    Hoy Wang's shuttered storefront.
    Hoy Wang's shuttered storefront, with the letter explaining their closure.

    “After 42 years in Chinatown, our lease has ended. We have decided to close our doors and retire. Our last day of business is 2-10-2020.”

    42 years is quite the run; I remember always walking past here, and someday I’d like to try one of these places with the roast ducks and other meats hanging in the windows.

Hopefully I get to see Brooklyn Chinatown (Sunset Park) soon as well.