Lyrics: 《你最初的》 (“Your First…”) by 脱景麟 (TUO Jinglin)

by Rakka   Tags: lyrics chinese-pop

《你最初的》 “Your First…” Artist: 脱景麟 (TUO Jinglin) Music video: YouTube Purchase: Spotify, Google Play

世界终会变成什么 What has the world finally become? 不再重要了 Doesn’t matter anymore 我找到快乐 I found happiness 可以不相信永恒 You don’t have to believe in eternity 不在乎拥有 Or care about having things 不害怕坠落 Or be scared of falling

我看到 I can see 笑容的倔强 Your stubborn smile 就像开出花朵的土壤 Like the soil a flower spouts from 盛放的梦想 Holding, letting go of dreams 不再是彷徨 Isn’t indecisiveness anymore 却是今后勇敢到疯狂 But from today on it’s being brave to the point of madness

我愿化成鱼 I’m willing to become a fish 奔向最遥远的海洋 And dive into the furthest sea 我要冲破茧 I will break through my cocoon 化身北极夜的星光 And become the starlight over the North Pole 我要我不再悲伤 I want myself to not be sad again 前方就是希望 Ahead are my dreams 从此拒绝观望 From now on I refuse to sit back and wait 因为拥有坚强 Because I have strength 我要你绽放生命 I want your life to blossom 最温暖的阳光 Into the warmest sunlight 我要你再次呐喊 I want you to shout again 你最初的心中渴望 Your first longings in your heart 我宁愿拥抱生命 I would rather hold tight this life’s 最真实的模样 Truest appearance of yours 我们重新起航 Let’s set sail again together 因为拥有坚强 Because we have strength

verse 1 repeats

verse 2 repeats

chorus repeats 2x