Lyrics: 《专属情歌》Zhuanshu Qingge (“Exclusive Love Song”) by 刘辰希 LIU Chenxi (English Translation)

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专属情歌 Zhuanshu Qingge (“Exclusive Love Song”) Music video: Bilibili Artist: 刘辰希 (LIU Chenxi)

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(verse 1) 从未见过你 I’ve never met you before 却感觉彼此很熟悉 But I feel we know each other well 每晚都想唱歌给你听 Every night I want to sing for you 时刻想念你 Always longing for you 希望每天黏在一起 Wish we can stick together every day 距离虽遥远心却很近 Even though we’re far apart our hearts are close

(verse 2) 好喜欢听你声音 I really like hearing your voice 好喜欢你用心弹的钢琴 I really like how you diligently play piano 好像每个音符都透过空气 Like every note passes through the sky 幸福满溢我整颗内心 My heart is brimming over with happiness

(chorus) 如果命中注定我们在一起 If we’re fated to be together 请抓住我的手别放弃 Then please grab my hand and don’t let go 未来的路也许是一个谜 There’s bound to be puzzles ahead of us 认定了就用心追寻 Now that we’re determined, let’s diligently search 这份纯真的爱 来之不易 This pure and innocent love didn’t come to us easily 我们一定要好好珍惜 So we must cherish it properly 等了太久终于确定 Having waited too long I finally know 你就是那个唯一 You are the one for me 这首专属情歌 只属于你 This exclusive love song is only for you

(verse 2 repeats)

(chorus repeats)

这样的词汇也许很简单 Maybe these words are too simple 却包含了我所有情感 But they cover every one of my feelings 让你时刻感觉我的存在 They let you always feel my presence 只为了给你 安全感 Just so that you can feel safe and secure Oh

(chorus repeats) 只属于你 Only for you…