Review: A Fake Affair

by Rakka   Tags: review manga



After searching and failing to find a husband for 3 years, Shoko Hama is ready to give up. Tired from work and marriage-less future prospects, she quits her job and travels on a solo trip to Korea. On the plane ride there, Shoko meets the young and attractive Jobanni Park, but accidentally tells him… she’s married? Now caught in her own web of lies, Shoko is about to have the wildest time of her life!

Where to Read: On Webtoon (70 chapters).

A Fake Affair

The Good:

  • Despite the drama of the overall premise, the characters are reasonable and relatable, even if not necessarily likable. You can imagine why they do what they do, even if you think they made bad choices, and the revelations behind their characters are paced out to keep you guessing.
  • Color/webtoon format really helps sell some of the scenes based around Night on the Galactic Railroad (though at the cost of detail).

The Bad:

  • Premise is still hit-or-miss; Shoko feels like she spins her wheels for far too long, even if’s understandable why.

Overall: 3/5. Again, despite the wild and dramatic premise, I actually felt this was kind of a low-key series overall; it doesn’t help that both lead characters are (understandably, but frustratingly) indecisive where it counts.

Scale for reference:

  • 1/5: not really worth looking into; you won’t see many of these because I’ll just drop it without bothering to review it.
  • 2/5: probably not worth the time, but you may enjoy it regardless.
  • 3/5: an average to above-average series; may be a 4/5 to fans of certain genres or themes.
  • 4/5: a strong recommendation with some flaws or shortcomings.
  • 5/5: a universal recommendation; one of my favorites. Not necessarily flawless, but has something extremely compelling.