Manga Oneshot Recommendations

Manga oneshots I’ve enjoyed over the years. Separated from the main manga list since oneshots don’t read the same as full series.

Currently 26 entries. Last updated on 2023/11/29.


Teenager Rio has a lot to deal with already, and on top of that, her beloved brother comes home with his fianceé at the worst possible time.

It’s the last day of school.

A young boy wakes up in a hospital after an accident to find a young woman calling herself his wife.

Fujita gets along well with Nekomiya; he’s the only boy in the class she really talks to, and they love the same anime and play in the table tennis club together. But middle school and puberty are harsh…

Uh…the title says it all, really.

Two loners collide when they come to the same takeout place after work. Enticed by a couples’ discount, they strike up a friendship over after-work yakitori.

Kami has always made herself look as pretty as possible: makeup, colored contacts, the works. Yae knows this best, having watched her transformation starting in school. They don’t have romantic feelings for each other, but Kami can confide in Yae, and Yae knows the true face of his friend.

A year after her husband’s passing, a lonely widow reunites with her husband’s ghost to eat shaved ice together as they always do.

After his mother’s death when he was 12, Mizushima devotes himself to creating a flower that will never wilt. In his work he meets a girl who works at a flower shop.

A princess and a knight are reborn in the modern age, but now the knight is the girl and the princess is a guy who’s just way too cool.

You! Boy! There’s no time! You have to become a magical girl and save everyone!

A girl who loves bread wants to convince a boy who loves rice to give bread a shot.

Yuri is so precious, all who see it fall. (Of course.) So the government tries to eliminate it.

Not quite a oneshot, but a mini-series. An exhausted delivery worker starts getting mysterious jobs where she delivers to animals—cats, hamsters, and so on—and getting healed in the process.

Who better to see on Obon than the ghost of your mother’s dead boyfriend, also a 14-year-old like you?

As summarized by the editors:



The past, present, and future of two women and a girl.

Miya is Mitsu’s daughter. Being a single mother, Mitsu’s friend Koyomi has been like another parent to Miya ever since she was young. But Miya realizes that Koyomi may feel more than just friendship for Mitsu.

This oneshot comes from a series called Jun Waidan, which is a website where people submit (supposedly) true stories about love, generally with a slightly raunchy or at least sexual side, and then some are adapted into manga. Two childhood friends are inseparable, even when one falls ill, but even then it can be hard to communicate properly. The story is frankly pretty basic, but generally well executed.

Two classmates discuss what kinds of romcom tropes they’d like to have together.

A childless couple ask the cherry tree for its blessing, and so they come to take care of a spirit’s daughter.

Whenever winter comes around, Hanaoka always remembers a certain classmate, one he hasn’t seen since she suddenly transferred schools many years ago. At the time, could things have gone differently?


At least, I want to have strength like that snow, or so I still believe.

Hayase-san is called to the office by a scary teacher after falling asleep in class.

An oni comes to hang out with a shrine maiden for the new year.

Recommending this otherwise unremarkable gal-themed oneshot just because it’s not every day that you get to see Hiroshima-ben.

It’s love at first sight.

“When you do something good, something good will happen in return.”

Mikumo and Morohoshi are dating, but their hearts don’t lie with each other, but someone nearby.