Manga Collection: 柔肌 (Yawahada)

Yawahada Cover

A collection of oneshots.


From Harumi Chihiro, the author of Velvet Kiss, comes the third collection of oneshots about love published in Rakuen magazine. Contains five works and three additional short stories containing everything from her characteristic beautiful linework to her depictions of the transient relationships between the sexes and her girls’ love stories, as well as her delicate, glittering portrayals.


  • Chapter 1: 「柔肌」 (“Yawahada”)
  • Chapter 2: 「柔肌 after」 (“Yawahada after”)
  • Chapter 3: 「たのしいからだ」 (“Tanoshii karada”)
  • Chapter 4: 「ガールフレンド after」 (“Girl Friend after”)

    A follow-up chapter to the original oneshot.

  • Chapter 5: 「蓮の花【前編】」 (“Lotus Flower (First Part)”)
  • Chapter 6: 「蓮の花【後編】」 (“Lotus Flower (Second Part)”)
  • Chapter 7: “Film”

    Yae does his best to support his childhood friend, Kami, who is attached to her makeup, colored contacts, and bad boyfriends.

  • Chapter 8: 「夜をとめないで after2」 (“Don’t Stop the Night after2”)
  • Chapter 9: 「いとほし」 (“Itohoshi”)